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    • Building Bridges trump-wall

      Almost to the day back in 1989 as citizens began dismantling the Berlin Wall, America has voted in a new President that is vowing to build walls, not just with Mexico but trade barriers everywhere. But it is construction of … Continue reading

  • Latest TV Appearances


      InPayTech Limited announces Initial Public Offer to raise up to $5 Million Integrated Payment Technologies Limited (InPayTech) has announced the launch of its Initial Public Offer (IPO)to raise up to $5 Million including oversubscriptions, and apply to list on the Australian … Continue reading

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    • Kim Slater Kim_1579875267_RT_thumbnail

      Portfolio Manager “I met Kim in my very first year of broking and watched him conduct many successful corporate transactions and trade the markets ebbs and flows with well developed skill. He is the perfect person to add opportunistic and … Continue reading