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  1. Go Fishing – Tassal Group

    Health’s a big thing these days. Everyone’s keen to keep fit and maintain a healthy diet. As many of you would know, a dish that ticks a lot of health boxes is salmon. What you may not know is that … Continue reading

  2. Brickworks – Everything is awesome

    It’s a tough time out there for a lot of industries and the RBA certainly has a negative view of the current state of play. Sure, consumer confidence is not the best and those modest $1m homes in Port Headland … Continue reading

  3. Brokers Presentation – ManagedAccounts.com.au

    Click to read the MGP Broker Presentation – Prepared 26 March 2014 Final  

  4. New IPO opportunity – ManagedAccounts.com.au

    Good growth can be hard to find these days. Indeed, for some sectors such as mining services, flat is actually the new growth. So when a business comes across my desk with a strong foothold in an industry with effectively … Continue reading

  5. Explosive Issue

    Although the broader Aussie stock market has put in a strong performance this year, that doesn’t mean that all stocks are now expensive. Some have in fact significantly underperformed the index. Particularly anything mining services related. The cost pushback from … Continue reading

  6. The Comeback Kid

    Good afternoon. It was nice to be back in the chair at Sky News last night on Your Money Your Call. It was brand new however and  extremely uncomfortable. No chance of dozing off in that chair. The theme for … Continue reading

  7. Can The Cranes Lift This Stock Out Of The Doldrums?

    The basic premise of investing is to buy into companies that are going to deliver earnings and preferably dividend growth. The important bit is trying to get in at a time when the stock’s valuation does not reflect its likely … Continue reading

  8. Expansion Boom?

    Resource stocks and those that service the resource sector have fallen from favour lately. But good buying opportunities are seldom found in popular sectors. One stock whose outlook certainly hasn’t blown up is explosives and fertiliser manufacturer Incitec Pivot (IPL). … Continue reading

  9. One For The Radar

    Campbell Brothers (soon to be called ALS) provided its usual earnings guidance at its AGM this week. The company expects a strong first half, followed by slower second half growth. Such commentary wouldn’t normally be viewed particularly negatively, but in … Continue reading

  10. Leighton – Under Construction

    Avoiding exposure to Leighton (LEI) has been a smart move so far this year. However has the stock become so disliked that the market is ignoring fundamental improvements in its outlook?  It does seem so.  Sure, Leighton has suffered some … Continue reading