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  1. Nearmap Ltd

    The star of Bethlehem’s guiding light certainly hasn’t washed over the Nearmaps share price during Christmas contemplations. Had the three wise men gone long the stock, their manger arrival would have no doubt been heralded with stop loss orders. Nearmaps (NEA), a … Continue reading

  2. Banks to resources

    Its official. Bank dividends are on the chopping block. A question, of really, how much. Cuts of up to 30% may become the norm. And the storm may last some time. APRA’s chairman, Wayne Byres voiced what everyone has been … Continue reading

  3. Nearmap Pty Ltd (NEA)

    First Mover advantage doesn’t go to the company that start’s up, it goes to the company that scales up. Exactly that thought was going through the minds of some Nearmap shareholders at its recent annual general meeting (AGM). The high … Continue reading

  4. EML Payments

    The best things sometimes in the market are unexpected. Tom Cregan, EML’s CEO Bazinga moment was Monday, two days ahead of the company’s AGM, when a $423 million acquisition was announced for the Irish group Prepaid Financial Services (PFS). The … Continue reading

  5. Cleanaway – CWY

    Ay caramba! What was thought to be defensive earnings for waste collection company Cleanaway (CWY) just had a 10 tonne rubbish compactor truck driven through it. A number of price upgrades a few months back appear to be on the … Continue reading

  6. NUF – Nufarm

    Sometimes the market is said to be like a blindfold person searching in a dark cupboard for a pair of black shoes that isn’t there. And the futility of that search if often capitulation selling – throwing in the towel … Continue reading

  7. Brussel Sprout anyone? CGC

    Costa Group shareholders (CGC) could be forgiven for thinking they had joined the eponymous Mushroom Club. It is Australia’s leading horticulture and global produce supplier, a company with annual sales of $1 billion. But mushroom consumption was the biggest drag … Continue reading

  8. Riding the markets – BHP RIO FMG

    The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. You can guess. Markets are a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed. But you can back favourite odds, generally which pay off well. Having hollered from the rooftops, … Continue reading

  9. TTT – Titomic

    Australia has never been a slouch when it comes to new technology developments. The bionic ear (COH), Wi Fi, black box recorder, heart pacemaker, polymer bank notes, are just some. We punch above our weight. Add a major player in … Continue reading

  10. FMG – the sought after coin toss

    Gullible young journalists often were sent on wild goose chases, to the mirth of the senior colleagues. Errands like go buy tomorrow’s newspaper today. An oldie but a goodie, as pranks go. Much of tomorrow’s news is created by the … Continue reading