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Did You Miss The Investors Expo?

Kimber Capital attended a very successful Trading and Investing Seminars & Expo over the weekend.

Chris Kimber was on the main stage for half an hour on both Friday and Saturday discussing whether now is the time to buy and build or duck for cover and preserve your wealth. His guests were Ben Clark from TMS Capital and Roger Montgomery from Montgomery Investment Management.

Topics for discussion included Europe – when will it become yesterday’s story? What else can China do except deliver on their growth promises and will commodity prices fall or the price of our major resource stocks rally? Are equities the place to be for the next five years?

Chris discussed his macroeconomic view of the market, examining:

  • The dichotomy of the market –  Woolworths (WOW), Tatts Group (TTS), Telstra (TLS) and our four major banks hitting highs after paying two hefty dividends. Growth stocks being sold off aggressively.
  • Chinese economy has been doing everything as promised with 7.6% GDP likely to be the lowest print for several years.
  • Market is starting to become inured to the negativity out of Europe.
  • Housing in the USA looks like it has bottomed. This led us into the GFC, and it is likely going to lead us out. Warren Buffet has gone bullish on the US economy as a result.

Chris also hosted seminars over the weekend on the topic ‘Building an investment strategy for long-term growth and short-term protection’. Guest speakers were Kim Slater and Ken Bloomfield.

Kim’s main points were based around portfolio management. How many stocks you should hold, what indicators are useful and why, and how best to manage your risk and diversification.

Ken’s presentation was based around investment strategy. Points included risk minimisation and stop losses, having a clearly defined investment objective, risk vs. return and creating an investment framework.

If you were unable to attend the expo and seminars, you can tune in to watch Chris Kimber on Your Money Your Call, on Sky New Business at 8pm every Wednesday.

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