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Ecosave – Half-year result shapes up

Utility prices seem to have a life of their own and can sprout like weeds on a corporate profit result. Gaining control of those costs is an essential but often difficult assignment for companies.

Specialists like Ecosave are in demand for their expertise in performing exactly this role, often with very strong results.

Ecosave recently reported its half-year profit result – its first as a listed company.

Including the costs of the stock market listing, Ecosave reported a net loss of $949,700 for the six-month period to 31 December 2012. Total revenue for the period of $2.45 million was 84% higher than the prior period.

The company’s earnings are heavily skewed to the second half and Chief Executive Marcelo Rouco is confident the full year result will be broadly as outlined in the Prospectus with net profit after tax approaching $3 million.

Ecosave brings its engineering and operational expertise to companies with the goal of substantially improving the use of water and power within a business. With 10 years of experience behind it, Ecosave is rapidly winning new contracts and bidding for even more work.

Since listing in January this year at $1.00 per share, the share price has enjoyed solid support with recent offshore institutional interest adding to the gains.

At $1.39 per share, Ecosave is probably fairly reflecting the recent news about the company, but we think there is much more to come.

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