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  1. Sticks and stones – Austal Limited (ASD)

    It’s the stuff Hollywood movies are made of – usually starring a short good looking religious nutter named Tom. A tense Machiavellian plot involving competing super powers, playing out with big bang special effects in a cinema near you. This … Continue reading

  2. Viva Energy Group (VEA)

    Missing perhaps was a high kicking chorus line singing Viva Las Vegas. Because yesterday’s performance from Viva Energy had shareholders stomping in the bleachers for extended encores. CEO Scot Wyatt isn’t remotely an Elvis impersonator. But the show he produced … Continue reading

  3. Kogan.com Ltd (KGN)

    Persuasion comes in many forms. Words are the anvil on which action is struck. And if that action is conflict and drama then it shapes human lexicon. BLM, iso and pivot are words and phrases taken on new meaning, particularly … Continue reading

  4. A breakout for FMG?

    It’s a breakout. Not an orange suited prisoner, barbed wired, bullets whizzing, breakout. But a share price breakout trumpeting further paradigm portfolio investment shifts. Yield hunt is the leash straining, point sniffer dog. And criss cross spotlight pinpointing is on … Continue reading

  5. Tell ’em the price, son

    Curmudgeonly value investors went “yeah, nah” when the then online electronics retailer, Kogan, listed in 2016. Headed by mercurial Russian émigré Ruslan Kogan, the $1.80 stock, debuted with a market cap of $160 million and staggering P/E of 67 times … Continue reading

  6. Amazonstan

    Amazonstan – a small but influential, imaginary, sovereignty with stellar revenue growth, the envy of developed Western economies. A quixotic dream. The Jeff Bezos headed company has a valuation equivalent of almost $USD1.3 trillion, equal to the GDP of a … Continue reading

  7. Live to invest another day

    Scratch a broker and you find an optimist. You can sell hope, but not necessarily doom and gloom.  Over $15 billion in Covid inspired capital raises ponders a question whether the share discount delivered to investors becomes tomorrow’s premium. Close … Continue reading

  8. Carry on and keep baking

    Carry on and keep baking is my giddy aunt’s response to Covid. Her new pin up is the Reserve Bank Governor, Phillip Lowe – the quintessentially nice boy from next door. And he is, my aunt thinks, the perfect mandarin … Continue reading

  9. Game of chicken – Qantas

    The biggest game of chicken is playing out right now. It’s uncertain who blinks first. But there is much steely-eyed glaring because at stake is Australia’s tourism industry which ranks in the top 5 of our GDP producers. The three … Continue reading

  10. Elephant in a china shop

    The elephant in the china shop, mixing destructive metaphors, is how our banks survive the covid induced economic crisis. How much of the combined $2.7 trillion loan books, to the point, get written off? And what does it mean for … Continue reading