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  1. Echo aces Crown in Brisvegas

    To no-one’s astonishment, Echo Entertainment played its cards right and won the Queen’s Wharf Redevelopment Project in Brisbane and will move its headquarters to the city. Echo’s consortium win has effectively secured its monopoly on casino gaming in Queensland (avoiding … Continue reading

  2. Shriro

    Opportunities don’t happen, goes the business maxim. They are created. Watching the listing of the new IPO Shriro holdings, it reminded me of that, and one old share market rule – never buy an IPO which lists in June. Shriro … Continue reading

  3. Australia’s duopolies are breaking down.

    For many years, almost decades, Australians have endured a business environment where two was good company and three was a crowd. That was very good for profits but not for consumers.   As Woolworths CEO Grant O’Brien starts to pack … Continue reading

  4. Media – Same old story, whole new ball game

    Streaming and subscription are the new media buzzwords. The old television networks are now fighting the same battle for survival that their print cousins have endured against the internet but the outcome looks bleak.   Nine’s earnings downgrade was dumped … Continue reading

  5. Confession Season – Downgrade Alley

    The end of the financial year is nigh and that means it’s time for companies to fess up on the bad news to follow when financial reporting for FY15 begins in August. Yesterday’s GDP news contained some good news and … Continue reading

  6. South32 breaks free

    The South32 iceberg is finally adrift in the southern latitudes, allowing the slimmed down BHP Billiton to concentrate its effort on its core commodities. A swarm of analysis has surfaced on South32 and unsurprisingly, given the huge corporate effort by … Continue reading

  7. Top Tips – SYD, IPH, HSO

    Macquarie’s annual conference this year hosted 70 companies and a gaggle of local and international fund managers scrounging for hidden gems. Here’s a couple of ideas that I took away from the event. Sydney Airport has always had monopolistic characteristics, … Continue reading

  8. Go Fishing – Tassal Group

    Health’s a big thing these days. Everyone’s keen to keep fit and maintain a healthy diet. As many of you would know, a dish that ticks a lot of health boxes is salmon. What you may not know is that … Continue reading

  9. TV tanties

    The ball-up for the next AFL and NRL free-to-air broadcast rights contracts hasn’t been bounced, but both teams at Channels Nine and Seven have shed some (debt) weight in preparation.   Nine’s sale of its events business (mainly Ticketek) and … Continue reading

  10. Build the network: they’re already coming.

    Telstra’s network is central to its business so the thinking around how it should be developed for a fast changing world of communications is critical. But the company has evolved from simply an engineering-driven process to one that is driven … Continue reading