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  1. It’s M&A time for resource sector

    Shell’s US$70 billion deal to buy BG Group is a complex global deal, but the underlying logic of buying a business at a low point in the commodity cycle makes plenty of sense. The same logic could apply to many … Continue reading

  2. TPG Telecom – Two Lego Blocks

    I got it wrong. Writing on TPG a year ago, I wondered if acquiring iiNet was on TPG’s agenda but thought it wasn’t the right fit at the time. It also looked like the $1.5 billion price tag would have … Continue reading

  3. TV Networks – Nothing to see here

    The annual gong season of Oscars, Brit Awards and others have ended with Madonna falling off the stage and Michael Keaton jumping the gun with his winner’s acceptance speech. Nothing bizarre about all that really, but the self-aggrandisement of the … Continue reading

  4. Brickworks – Everything is awesome

    It’s a tough time out there for a lot of industries and the RBA certainly has a negative view of the current state of play. Sure, consumer confidence is not the best and those modest $1m homes in Port Headland … Continue reading

  5. Crown Resorts

    The market has been worried about slowing rates of growth in Macau due to the clampdown corruption from the Chinese government. But the Australian casinos meanwhile have simply been getting on with things. Crown had become oversold in recent months … Continue reading

  6. Woodside Petroleum – Oi-l, Oi-l, Oi-l

    Looking for a yield stock with a pristine balance sheet, growth opportunities and cash flow coming out its ears? Welcome to oil and gas stock, Woodside Petroleum.   Whoever or whatever concocted the oil price plunge from above US$100 per … Continue reading

  7. Telstra – Cash cow

    The cash keeps rolling in at Telstra so the investment question is how and when will the company pay it out to shareholders? The good news is that shareholders are already enjoying the fruits of a robust business model underpinned … Continue reading

  8. The more things change

    An interest rate cut, political turmoil and commodity prices still plumbing levels that make the Australian currency less attractive. It’s all happening, so how should you position your portfolio? Oil inventories in the US have risen to an 80-year high … Continue reading

  9. Woodside Petroleum – Wheatstone now, Browse later

    The plunge in global oil prices and an opportunistic purchase has changed the outlook for Woodside Petroleum. We think it’s worth buying WPL shares as a contrarian way of buying a quality oil and gas company while the sector is … Continue reading

  10. A tapering sort of year

    ‘Tapering’ was the mot-du-jour as 2014 began with the US Federal Reserve introducing the world to the art of unwinding its massive program of quantitative easing. At the same time, the Chinese government was reaffirming its target of 7.5% economic … Continue reading