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  1. TPG Telecom – Momentum undisturbed

    Two things have changed in recent weeks for TPG but the company has reiterated its FY15 earnings guidance nonetheless. This stock isn’t cheap but its earnings momentum is worth buying.   Firstly, the government’s response to the Vertigan review has … Continue reading

  2. Retailers in need of therapy

    Australia’s beleaguered retailers just can’t catch a break as yet another international store chain opened its doors in Pitt Street this week. Sephora is the latest, and probably not the last retailer to find the landscape enticing enough to set … Continue reading

  3. Double, double, oil and the rouble

    Unlike gold, oil is a useful commodity so a big slide in the global price is unfortunate for oil companies but should be beneficial for consumers and businesses generally. The decision by OPEC not to reduce its daily output has … Continue reading

  4. HVN – Hardly Normal

    The weird and whacky world of Harvey Norman entered a new phase this week. On the surface, the announcement of a fully franked special dividend of 14 cents per share, matching the full year dividend, was unreservedly good news for … Continue reading

  5. The Groundhog Index

    The ASX200 index has found itself back at the starting line for the year. Fundamental value in some stocks has been steamrolled by circumstances beyond management control. Where are the opportunities and threats? The resources market continues to suffer a … Continue reading

  6. APN Outdoor – Breaking Out

    There must have been countless songs invoking the ‘neon lights’ of a city, but the lyrics are probably a tad more romantic than the grimy business of outdoor advertising. But outdoor advertising is seeking a new digital future to liven … Continue reading

  7. Hard as nails

    A couple of themes which come through loud and clear reading the authorised biography* of Kerry Stokes, is this bloke is as hard as nails, knows the value of a dollar and has a big heart. His holding company, Australian … Continue reading

  8. Foxtel in the Ten house

    Rumblings of a takeover of the destitute Ten Network by Foxtel and other parties is growing louder. At stake is more than just a valuable free-to-air commercial television licence. The billionaires club that bought into Ten needs a solution to … Continue reading

  9. VET-ing the IPO market

    Seeking an independent view on IPOs, and stocks in general, is arguably a sensible path to take, in addition to your own analytical skills – a bit of time, a good degree of common sense and a calculator. The massacre … Continue reading

  10. Medibank Private goes public

    Back the truck up. Nearly any time the government wants to sell you an asset is probably a good time to load up and the Medibank Private float looks like such an occasion. The Australian healthcare system spends almost $150 … Continue reading