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  1. NBN gossip

    NBN 1-dot-0 is dead: Long live NBN 2-dot-0. So says NBN non-executive director Justin Milne who this week spoke candidly about the genesis and transmutation of Australia’s largest ever infrastructure project. His insights were his own opinion and don’t necessarily … Continue reading

  2. Ore-kward!

    Iron ore is copping a caning as Chinese growth slows, causing mayhem amongst the listed Australian resource stocks that rely on Asian demand for steel. For Glencore to be sniffing around Rio Tinto should not be a massive surprise but … Continue reading

  3. TPG Telecom – Network Ninjas

    High growth companies with earnings momentum and a good track record deserve a high multiple and TPG Telecom is consistently meeting this criteria. The AAPT acquisition added 5 months of earnings and synergies to the FY14 result announced this week. … Continue reading

  4. Fox in Box Wars

    Absent any pending change to the media rules, Foxtel’s new low-priced strategy to entice more subscribers to its service is a step in the right direction. In one sense, Foxtel has been a victim of its own success. After merging … Continue reading

  5. Hybrids – Watch Out

    Investing in bank shares has been an easy, default trade for so long that it hasn’t warranted any serious debate, until now. Understandably, most portfolios would be reluctant to part with large chunks of bank shares purchased at much lower … Continue reading

  6. Dividend Reporting Season

    The dividend reporting season has ended with a mere pass mark for earnings but a clear A-plus for capital management. As weary analysts readjust to normal sleep patterns after the deluge of announcements (cue violins), investors could be forgiven for … Continue reading

  7. Iron Ore-pportunity for the brave – BCI, IOH, FMG

    The iron ore price continues to slide as burgeoning seaborne supply swamps falling Chinese demand levels. With that backdrop, BC Iron’s takeover offer for Iron Ore Holdings looks fraught with danger but a cool-headed approach might yield something worthwhile for … Continue reading

  8. Pacific Brands – No More Hard Yakka

    Flannos, Stubbies and thongs were acceptable casualwear back in the day. But fashions change and therefore so do brand values. That is the story of Pacific Brands which has seen its portfolio of iconic clothing and footwear brands diminish in … Continue reading

  9. Wesfarmers – Checkout chit chat

    Chief checkout operator Richard Goyder professes to run Wesfarmers as a portfolio of businesses. That implies he is willing to buy businesses he thinks are cheap and that Wesfarmers can add value to while also selling businesses that have benefitted … Continue reading

  10. Fortescue Metals Group – Aussie diggers

    The cash flow boom is well underway at Fortescue with the annual dividend doubling, debt repayments accelerating and production pushing through capacity. FMG’s full year result felt like the end of the beginning. The full run-rate of 155mtpa was achieved … Continue reading