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  1. Glass Half Full or Empty?

    The market’s reaction to the Carsales.com and REA Group full year profit results was perverse considering both companies delivered on the high growth guidance. The initial negative price reaction suggested investors were no longer believers in the earnings models and … Continue reading

  2. Orica – Chemical Spill

    Explosives expert Orica has decided that a demerger of its chemicals business is a good idea. Having tried this trick once before with DuluxGroup in 2010, the strategy is to allow the chemicals group to stand and grow on its … Continue reading

  3. Production bonanza

    The mining production boom is well underway even as the media laments the end of the capex boom. This month, most of Australia’s mining sector companies have been reporting quarterly and annual production figures that have been helped by benign … Continue reading

  4. Steady as she goes

    Adolph Coors III, who was allergic to beer, was the heir to the Coors beer empire—being allergic to beer is bad fortune for many, but it is Sod’s law that someone allergic to beer would inherit a beer empire. So … Continue reading

  5. Telstra – Propagate and Penetrate

    For some time now it has been apparent that Telstra’s future growth will be driven by its mobile and broadband businesses. Telstra’s valuation is now dominated by these two aspects and looks set to improve as the adoption of 4G … Continue reading

  6. Slaying the print dragon

    That mournful crying sound you hear emanating from the Fairfax press is like the slow motion movie scene where the old master dies at the hand of the young protégé. Online advertising has virtually supplanted print as the preferred mode … Continue reading

  7. Tabcorp – No compensation for you!

    In April 2008, the Victorian Premier John Brumby lobbed a grenade at the feet of gaming companies Tabcorp and Tatts Group. The state government’s decision to change the structure of the electronic gaming machine industry not only effectively neutered both … Continue reading

  8. Buru Energy – Shale be right

    Western Australia Environment Minister Albert Jacob has given Buru Energy and other shale gas explorers the ‘thumbs up’ to get on with hydraulic fracturing of shale gas formations in the state’s Canning Basin and beyond. Buru itself has about 100,000 … Continue reading

  9. Woodside Petroleum – Shelled

    The last remnants of the 1985 coup over Woodside Petroleum has almost passed with Shell’s 19% sell-down this week. Shell will have just 4.5% taking the potential overhang off the agenda and providing Woodside with a neat solution to its … Continue reading

  10. Trans-Tasman Rivalry Season

    Every now and then those pesky kiwis gain bragging rights over Australia relating to some small aspect of everyday life. But it’s not often they can claim the ascendancy in terms of economic robustness. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand … Continue reading