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  1. Hold onto your Seek

    Cast your mind back to April 2005 when Seek first listed at $2.10 per share amidst much harrumphing from the print cognoscenti about the new boys in town. The dismissive attitude of the newcomers was not that different from the … Continue reading

  2. I’ve got your jet-ski

    To be a nation of house-hogs, Australians are enslaved to the mortgage treadmill and the flagellation of the interest rate whip. So who gets the most benefit from the fixation for home ownership? The retail banks, of course and none … Continue reading

  3. REA Group – House that for growth?

    We all know that online classifieds businesses have cleaned up their print competitors, but REA Group has taken its new business model beyond that. REA has built a very successful online real estate advertising business and is a clear number … Continue reading

  4. Retail Ruminations

    Lower interest rates and zooming stock markets helped perk up consumer confidence last year and that was supposed to trigger a retail revival. But the real experience seems to have been a little mixed based on the evidence so far. … Continue reading

  5. Iron Ore – What next for Pilbara players?

    Australia’s biggest iron ore producers are transitioning into a more subtle new phase that relies less on massive growth in Chinese demand. The latest round of production reports confirm the unrelenting incremental tonnages resulting from multi-year projects that will keep … Continue reading

  6. Crown – Right place, right time

    Even after an exceptional year in 2013, the Macau gaming industry looks set to surge again this year as Chinese gamblers try their luck. Crown has a 34% stake in Melco Crown Entertainment (MPEL) that could be viewed as the … Continue reading

  7. 2013 Tapering Off

    A new Australian government, an improving US economy, a steady Chinese equivalent, a subsiding resource sector, low interest rates, an improving housing market, and a steady employment rate. That was a good recipe for 2013 which began with much trepidation … Continue reading

  8. Ecosave – Capital Raising

    Ecosave’s surprise July purchase of US business DVL Automation (DVLA) for US$4.2 million has opened a big can of opportunity for the Sydney-based energy and water gurus. The company has gradually attracted attention for its clever approach to winning energy … Continue reading

  9. Chicken Little

    Chicken Little was wrong, of course, when he alarmingly claimed that the sky was falling. BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals would happily scotch the same claim about the demise of the resource boom. This week, both Rio and BHP … Continue reading

  10. Jumping the shark

    There will be no shortage of drama, action, tears and laughter once Nine Entertainment hits the market again and we’re not talking about the programming line-up in 2014. The born-again commercial television network is all make-up and lighting but has … Continue reading