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  1. Northern Star Resources (NST)

    The electric-powered, skateboard-riding Bill Beament, executive chairman of Northern Star Resources (NST), should take a passing interest in American cartoonist Walt Kelly’s character, Pogo. Kelly’s Pogo character’s home spun philosophy of ‘looking back on things, they always improve’, and ‘we … Continue reading

  2. What’s next? Bonds and BTH

    The only thing that makes investing possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty, and not knowing what comes next. And momentary shivers ran up our spines reading forecasts for the Australian economy; GDP growth to fall under 2%, unemployment drifts up towards … Continue reading

  3. Catch 22 – BHP, RIO, FMG

    History is a trash bag of random coincidences torn open in a wind to paraphrase Joseph Heller of Catch 22 fame. Assassination of an Austrian Archduke led to two World Wars. Collapse of a tailings dam in South America results … Continue reading

  4. EML and SHM

    Investing’s best lesson is losing rather than winning. You learn how to keep going. And when you do win it is better to say nothing. And when you lose, say less. So, we challenge the animal spirits of the share … Continue reading

  5. Waste Management – Bingo and Cleanaway

    Recycling – the art of reusing, something Bingo Industries shareholders are trusting the company does doing a buyback with the cash mountain it’s sitting on.  Suffering a 49% share price fall post this week’s profit downgrade left the waste management … Continue reading

  6. Dragontail Systems (DTS)

    Fast food or its acronym quick service restaurant (QSR) is, depending on your view, the obesity devil incarnate or one of those pleasures like chocolate, worth indulging in every now and then. American market research points to the global fast … Continue reading

  7. After Pay (APT)

    Turning the old-fashioned retail layby on its head, who would have thought, could create from virtually nothing, a multibillion Australian listed business which in three years has rapidly expanded overseas. After Pay (APT), a current market cap of $3.5 billion, … Continue reading

  8. Luck and good management? EML

    Gambling is entertainment. Financial markets, or what is called speculation, is really the force of capital being put to its best use. It’s where preparation meets opportunity. What some people call luck. And EML (ASX: EML) has put plenty of … Continue reading

  9. BHP Buyback

    Life is to be lived with excitement and anticipation. In the same way wonderful things happen, not so wonderful things can occur as well. BHP shareholders receiving their $USD10.4 billion off market buyback and special dividend will be excited by … Continue reading

  10. Holy Trinity – BHP, FMG and RIO

    The holy trinity of resources received another blessing, from Father Chris K, preaching this week from the Kimber Capital investment pulpit. BHP, FMG and RIO are all undervalued, he thundered. Chinese steel production has reached a run rate of almost … Continue reading