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  1. Woolworths – Есть нести! ( there is a bear in there!)

    Retailer Woolworths is about to experience a prolonged black hole moment – as Einstein said, this is where God divided by zero. The mundane world of selling hardware will drag down Woolworth’s profitability by unknown dimensions. Losses could be more … Continue reading

  2. Mount Gibson – Piles of cash

    Kimber Capital’s investment superhero, Flash Cash and his trusty Spanish sidekick, El Toro en una puerta, in their search for great investor market ideas, have been busier than the proverbial one armed violinist. Mt Gibson Mines reported a cracker quarterly … Continue reading

  3. Telstra – Mass Mobilisation

    At some point in time, it will dawn on the government of the day that the communications habits of consumers have evolved from curly plastic fixed lines to flashy glass mobile devices. Telstra realised that truism nearly ten years ago … Continue reading

  4. Mount Gibson Mines

    Great ideas can come from the strangest of places – seeing a solution to an existing shortcoming is one of the best foundations for success. Finding value in other people’s problems is another way of putting it.  A plummeting share … Continue reading

  5. Woodside Petroleum – Oil, Gas and Dividends

    Production has taken something of a back seat for Woodside in recent months as other factors have grabbed attention including the company’s new dividend policy and its backward step from James Price Point. In April, Woodside said it would not … Continue reading

  6. BHP, RIO Production Reports – Hors d’oeuvres for the main earnings event

    As the major resource companies roll out their quarterly production reports this week and next, it seems apparent that the first part of the profit equation is intact. Both BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto demonstrated that their project expansions are … Continue reading

  7. Fortescue Metals Group

    It is simply nonsense to say that the mining boom has ended when Australia’s three largest iron ore producers, Fortescue among them, are shipping record tonnages every year. It is arguably more accurate to say that the investment boom is … Continue reading

  8. Commonwealth Bank

    About 800,000 direct shareholders and millions more indirect owners through superannuation funds will be lining up for Commonwealth Bank’s big final dividend this August. If you are reading this holding your iPad in one hand and a hot coffee in … Continue reading

  9. Jeff “Buckets” Browne jumps Nine Network ship, before float

    As the likely float of Nine Entertainment approaches, one of its key executives has stepped aside from daily duties. Jeff Browne has been intimately involved with the ups and downs of the Nine Network over seven years but will remain … Continue reading

  10. Woodside Petroleum’s big yield

    One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute. The market’s volatility of past weeks has left most market observers like ourselves, goat faced and … Continue reading