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  1. BHP, RIO – Less diversified, more intensified

    Woodside Petroleum may have layered on the dividend lipstick for now, but BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have stuck with the simple moisturiser treatment of progressive dividend policies supplemented by share buy backs when appropriate. A simple strategy for investors … Continue reading

  2. Which bank?

    The $64,000 question now is what to do with your exposure to the bank sector? Do you buy more because the sector is rock solid in terms of its balance sheet and dividend payouts are even higher, or do you … Continue reading

  3. News Corporation – Homer hits 500

    (All numbers in USD unless stated otherwise) The separation of “new News” and 21st Century Fox draws closer at the end of June, but the third quarter result was a re-run with the Cable Network Programming division delivering operating income … Continue reading

  4. A cheat sheet for owning Telstra

    Here’s a challenge for you – try spending a week without your mobile phone. You would most likely survive, but your well-organised life may slip into mild disarray or even chaos without your electronic appendage. The point is, telecommunications usage … Continue reading

  5. Coca-Cola Amatil – Bottle half full

    Supermarkets and soft drink competitors have taken advantage of Coca-Cola Amatil’s stubborn resistance on pricing of its premium brand to guzzle some market share in the grocery channel. Managing Director Terry Davis fessed up at the company’s annual meeting to … Continue reading

  6. Banks – Yield and safety outweighs overvaluation

    It is nigh on impossible to mention a bank stock these days without being distracted by the dividend yield story, as good as it is. But ANZ’s interim result this week showed revenue growth is being stymied by weak demand … Continue reading

  7. Telstra is 4G-ing ahead

    The telecommunications sector of the market is smoking hot, led by Telstra which burst back through the $5 per share mark this week. The vast number of people being led around by smartphones and tablets is nothing new but the … Continue reading

  8. Woodside comes out of its Shell

    Jan du Plessis and Jac Nasser, respectively chair of RIO and BHP, both smelling the coffee this morning, will have realised Woodside’s stunning announcement of a whopping special 63 cents franked dividend and increased payout ratio of 80%, has changed … Continue reading

  9. Telco sector on a tear

    Telecommunications shares, small and large, have been in the zone for investors over the last two years. We’ve all been watching Telstra’s phenomenal run since the government agreed to the NBN deal in June 2011 when the share price was … Continue reading

  10. China, capacity and commodities

    Both Rio Tinto and Fortescue have a heavy skew to Chinese economic growth and BHP Billiton is not immune either. But has volatility in iron ore prices and apparent weakness in Chinese growth tainted the story for owning these stocks? … Continue reading