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  1. Yield sequel

    We are buyers, once again, of Australia’s big four banks. The Federal Reserve’s ‘tapering’ comment on monetary policy stimulus has been the catalyst to unwind the strength of the Australian dollar and the yield chase that lit up the first … Continue reading

  2. Suncorp – Sun sets on bad bank, rises on dividends

    Suncorp is likely to have excess capital to distribute to shareholders when it reports its annual result on 21 August. This will possibly be in the form of a higher than expected ordinary dividend or a special dividend. If the … Continue reading

  3. TV Media – Fuzzy Picture

    The commercial network television industry story has more twists and turns than a good soap opera. Is there any value in the sector? The current position looks like this: Seven West Media Coughing up big money to retain important sports … Continue reading

  4. Fairfax and the Ford Falcon

    The transition road from print to digital is a long hard slog if the experience of Fairfax Media is anything to go by. Worse, it is a painfully bad financial experience. Not unlike Ford’s iconic family wagon, which has struggled … Continue reading

  5. Aussie dollar on the nose

    Broadly speaking, two things have been responsible for the change in fortune of the Australian dollar. China’s new leadership team has decided that 7.5% is a more sustainable rate of economic growth which has slowed demand for Australia’s iron ore … Continue reading

  6. ‘new News’ is good news

    (All numbers in US$ unless stated otherwise) As the split of News Corporation approaches on June 28 this year, more insight is being given on the component companies. The publishing company, tentatively known as ‘new News’, made a presentation to … Continue reading

  7. Crown – Spending big when it matters

    The NSW Government is yet to decide which casino proposal it will back, but Crown’s posturing is either a brave bluff or a supremely confident hand. We think Crown is worth $16.00 per share based on robust earnings growth in … Continue reading

  8. Lower A$? Check. BHP? Check.

    For every 1 cent change in the A$ against the US dollar, BHP Billiton’s net profit changes by US$115 million. So, if the average exchange rate drops towards the now consensus 90 cent level, BHP could enjoy a currency bonanza … Continue reading

  9. BHP – turning coal into cash

    Both main forms of coal remain an important pillar of BHP Billiton’s new strategy but the focus has turned to optimising existing assets to maximise cash flow, rather than further expansion. That’s more good news for shareholders. China’s economic growth … Continue reading

  10. Winter of discontent

    The world has changed in a week. A sustained period of hero-worship of yield stocks finally turned and has rapidly shifted to watching the A$ decline against the US$ as the beginning of the end of ‘quantitative easing’ in the … Continue reading