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  1. Media costs scaling down

    While the storm about Stephen Conroy’s proposed media law changes last week was all about the introduction of a Public Interest Media Advocate (PIMA), there is no doubt that the most significant change from an ownership viewpoint is his plan … Continue reading

  2. Energy Action (EAX) – Power to the People

    We met with Energy Action’s CEO Val Duncan and CFO Nathan Francis this week for a very enlightening discussion on the energy management industry. If there’s anything more certain than death and taxes, it is that power prices will continue … Continue reading

  3. Banking the boom

    Christmas 2010, at the height of the mining boom, BHP Billiton was worth about $145 billion on the local stock market as the big resource company reflected the success of the mining boom. At the same time, Commonwealth Bank was … Continue reading

  4. Shopper shocker – David Jones Disappoints

    David Jones’s first half profit result wasn’t quite as rough as some analysts had expected, but the premium end department store is still struggling to get much sales growth in the current environment. For the fifth consecutive half-year, sales in … Continue reading

  5. Myer oh Myer

    With her wedding just around the corner, has Jennifer Hawkins’ guest list been spending up large at the department store gift shop? Myer’s interim result was pleasantly vivacious with the crucial second quarter Christmas sales period trouncing its rival David … Continue reading

  6. The $70 Challenge

    Like the white smoke from the Sistine chapel, heralding the arrival of a new pope, the share market seemingly is waving goodbye to a secular bear market. So while spiritually you may set for a new change, is your portfolio … Continue reading

  7. Woodside Petroleum (WPL) – A different complexion

    Since Peter Coleman took the reins at Woodside Petroleum, his measured approach to the strategic direction of the company has changed the complexion of the outlook. Prior to his tenure, former CEO Don Voelte had supercharged the development of the … Continue reading

  8. Fox On The Run

    (Note: All numbers are in USD unless stated otherwise) There’s no such thing as too much sport on television. Elvis Presley released an album in 1959 with the title “50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong”, but News Corporation will launch … Continue reading

  9. Southern double-cross Media

    Macquarie-controlled Southern Cross Media Group (SXL) is about to dump its affiliation with the floundering Ten Network to cosy up with the re-born Nine Entertainment. Such a deal would be the precursor to an eventual IPO of Nine Entertainment, which … Continue reading

  10. Retail Rehab

    Consumer spending and confidence has taken a battering throughout and beyond the GFC. But the time is approaching when retail sales will begin to feel the love again. Myer could be the solution for investors looking for a well-run company … Continue reading