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  1. Should Qantas Float its Frequent Flyer Program?

    This is not a new idea but it pops up from time to time. What caught our attention recently was the pending float of a frequent flyer program related to Brazilian airline, Gol. The IPO of Smiles could raise US$677m … Continue reading

  2. Telstra is Switzerland in Political Broadband Battle

    As both sides of the political divide bicker about whose broadband plan is better, Telstra remains comfortably placed on neutral ground and will benefit from either version of the National Broadband Network post the September election. A very important outcome … Continue reading

  3. BHP as a yield stock

    Everyone is fixated on owning bank shares for the dividend yield, but the argument for some resource stocks as a source of income is improving! The yield on BHP and WPL is now exceeding some popular large cap industrial stocks … Continue reading

  4. CBA Pay Day

    At the large investment banks, bonus day is called Envelope Day and the nearby Chinese restaurant is the immediate beneficiary, win or lose.  As a CBA shareholder, your bonus day comes every six months, and unlike the bankers, it’s a … Continue reading

  5. Golden goose plucked

    It’s an age-old argument – do gold stocks behave in the same way as the gold price? Using Australia’s largest listed gold miner, Newcrest Mining, it is becoming easier to argue the negative in this debate as the operational heebie-jeebies … Continue reading

  6. Fairfax restructures – again

    The internet continues to force changes on traditional media companies as people switch to digital sources for their news and information. Fairfax Media has once again reorganised its divisional structure and its management to evolve towards what it believes is … Continue reading

  7. Yielding to the Temptation

    Daily Telegraph – 30 March 2013 A feature of the Australian market last year was the insatiable demand for anything that remotely resembled a yield stock. The migration of investor money from cash into term deposits had emerged to find … Continue reading

  8. When you’re in a hole, stop digging – BHP and RIO

    China’s seemingly insatiable demand for the steel-making ingredients of iron ore, metallurgical coal and manganese has formed the basis for the multi-year capacity expansion of the Pilbara iron ore industry. In recent years, the high prices of iron ore in … Continue reading

  9. Ecosave – Share price appreciation

    We released a report on Ecosave two weeks ago that placed a conservative valuation range on the stock between $1.50 and $1.80 per share. Since then, the share price has quickly risen to the top of that range. Here’s what … Continue reading

  10. TPG Telecom (TPM) – Logged in to growth mode

    The broadband market in Australia has undergone an extended period of consolidation in recent years as smaller ISPs (internet service providers) have been swallowed up by larger prey. The most recent example has been M2 Telecommunications’ swoop on the unlisted … Continue reading