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  1. The China Call Option

    Trying to predict the future is like trying to drive down a country road at night with no lights while looking out the back window. For Fortescue Mining (FMG), the future as Donald Rumsfeld put it – is more about … Continue reading

  2. Gaming Sector – Crown

    Crown’s first half profit result last week revealed some very good numbers from its domestic casinos in Melbourne and Perth. In particular, the Melbourne casino enjoyed a 15% lift in its VIP gaming revenue and backed this up with some … Continue reading

  3. Flight Risk

    Airline results The biggest change to the airline industry over the last three decades has perhaps been the introduction of the low-cost carriers (think Southwest Airlines, Ryanair, easyJet etc) and the demise of the formerly government-owned behemoths (think British Airways, … Continue reading

  4. Ecosave – Half-year result shapes up

    Utility prices seem to have a life of their own and can sprout like weeds on a corporate profit result. Gaining control of those costs is an essential but often difficult assignment for companies. Specialists like Ecosave are in demand … Continue reading

  5. Profit Season in Full Bloom

    The profit reporting season has delivered a fresh boost to market confidence with some very good results taking more than a few analysts by surprise. Arguably the most important announcement came adjacent to BHP Billiton’s half-year result with the company … Continue reading

  6. Banking on iron ore – Trim CBA, Buy RIO

    The crush of investors into the perceived safe haven of the high yielding banks has served many investors well over the past year. But now is the time to be shifting some of those gains into the underperforming resource sector. … Continue reading

  7. Change from red to black

    Gambling is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is money to be made as a gambling sector investor. We think there is an opportunity to switch out of Tatts Group into Crown based on relative valuations. Roughly segregating the … Continue reading

  8. Feasting on Telstra

    Having Telstra shares in your portfolio these days is a little like visiting your favourite local restaurant where you pretty much know that your usual dish is still on the menu and just as tasty as ever. The first half … Continue reading

  9. The RBA and the Goldilocks theory of interest rates

    Not too high and not too low. Leaving the interest rate at 3% seems to be ‘just right’ as far as the Reserve Bank is concerned today. Interest rate cuts are a bit like an anaesthetic where it takes a … Continue reading

  10. Colorpak – a colourful outlook?

    Take two companies. One’s a global packaging giant worth more than $10bn. The other’s in the same game but has a market cap of just $50m. The Goliath is Amcor and as far as stable investments are concerned, it’s not … Continue reading