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  1. Brussel Sprout anyone? CGC

    Costa Group shareholders (CGC) could be forgiven for thinking they had joined the eponymous Mushroom Club. It is Australia’s leading horticulture and global produce supplier, a company with annual sales of $1 billion. But mushroom consumption was the biggest drag … Continue reading

  2. Riding the markets – BHP RIO FMG

    The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. You can guess. Markets are a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed. But you can back favourite odds, generally which pay off well. Having hollered from the rooftops, … Continue reading

  3. TTT – Titomic

    Australia has never been a slouch when it comes to new technology developments. The bionic ear (COH), Wi Fi, black box recorder, heart pacemaker, polymer bank notes, are just some. We punch above our weight. Add a major player in … Continue reading

  4. FMG – the sought after coin toss

    Gullible young journalists often were sent on wild goose chases, to the mirth of the senior colleagues. Errands like go buy tomorrow’s newspaper today. An oldie but a goodie, as pranks go. Much of tomorrow’s news is created by the … Continue reading

  5. Telstra – Sell

    Telstra shareholders could be forgiven for thinking they were channeling gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson, after the recent profit announcement.  Hunter S said there was no way to explain the edge, because the only people who understood where it was … Continue reading

  6. Skyfii (SKF)

    The death of retailing, like Mark Twain quipped when told of his printed obituary, has been greatly exaggerated. The face of retailing has been reshaped by online internet shopping. And globally shopping malls and retailers are using the same internet … Continue reading

  7. The new paradigm – Gold

    The new paradigm – get used to hearing those words. The paradigm however, may not be “new”. Capital is backing an end to the current era of low interest rates and quantitative easing. And gold is the preferred investment alternative, … Continue reading

  8. Rio slipper drop

    The two thunks hitting the floor last week were mining giant RIO dropping its slippers. And when the second drops, usually a third follows. Net result is the share price falls. Management dropped the ball big time. Things have gone … Continue reading

  9. New highs for Iron Ore

    Rivers of gold, not quite, but almost. As global iron prices, however, keep setting new highs, the resounding but old fashioned kerching will resonate this August reporting season for shareholders of Australia’s seaborne iron ore producers. An embarrassment of riches … Continue reading

  10. EML Payments

    Gimlet eyed readers of Kimber Capital’s blog will recall our previous investment thesis on payments company EML. The proposition paid off significantly this week when EML’s share price touched a high of $2.38 – a 58% return on our first … Continue reading