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  1. Feasting on Telstra

    Having Telstra shares in your portfolio these days is a little like visiting your favourite local restaurant where you pretty much know that your usual dish is still on the menu and just as tasty as ever. The first half … Continue reading

  2. The RBA and the Goldilocks theory of interest rates

    Not too high and not too low. Leaving the interest rate at 3% seems to be ‘just right’ as far as the Reserve Bank is concerned today. Interest rate cuts are a bit like an anaesthetic where it takes a … Continue reading

  3. Colorpak – a colourful outlook?

    Take two companies. One’s a global packaging giant worth more than $10bn. The other’s in the same game but has a market cap of just $50m. The Goliath is Amcor and as far as stable investments are concerned, it’s not … Continue reading

  4. Confession Season

    The calendar year is just getting underway, but the business year for most companies is now half over. Reporting season, which begins next week and runs through most of February, will provide a good update on whether our listed companies … Continue reading

  5. Her beauty and her terror. The wide brown land for me.

    Australia Day. I hope it was spent at the beach, eating lamingtons, a cold VB in hand. Did you tell someone to throw a shrimp on the barbie, whistle at a good looking sheila, or wave the Aussie flag? Post … Continue reading

  6. Dealing with Magilla Gorilla

    Destiny is a town on the troublesome road of a mining company journeying   from exploration to production.  Blackthorn Resources (BTR) experienced the corrugations and road wash outs of that trek, when it announced a significant increased cost for the completion … Continue reading

  7. Orica’s Robust Fundamentals

    The recent heavy rain and flooding through eastern Australia has knocked out some of the primary rail lines connecting coal mines to the ports. This will impact shipping volumes, but the mines themselves are on the whole still producing and … Continue reading

  8. Departure Tax – Do Not Pass Go

    Certainty was something Sydney Airport thought it bagged when it issued swags of Redeemable Preference Shares in 2010-11, paying out Macquarie Bank, internalising management and simplifying its complicated ownership structure. The Airport’s share price has been in a flat spin … Continue reading

  9. The N(E)XT Digital Age

    It’s an exciting time living in this digital age. The march of technology is producing some pretty cool consumer gadgets. Some of the terminology is pretty cool too. Take “The Cloud” for example. For the uninitiated, if you use Dropbox … Continue reading

  10. I object – Whitehaven Coal and the Expression of Objection

    We are all well aware of the Whitehaven Hoax that caused over $314 million to be wiped off the value of the coal company, at the beginning of this year. As a law student and finance enthusiast I had to … Continue reading