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  1. Back to ABC

    New Zealand’s Fletcher Building (FBU) has been on a tear lately. This is partly due to the market’s positive view of new CEO Mark Adamson. Mark’s an aggressive private equity kind of guy who will no doubt aggressively rip costs … Continue reading

  2. Fortescue Metals, Oil and Gas (FMOG!)

    The trick about investing in the share market, particularly in speculative stocks, is getting more bets right than wrong. And Andrew Forrest, Fortescue Metals CEO, is sticking to that adage learnt from broking legends like Cabramatta Fats and the Snake … Continue reading

  3. James Hardie – Past the Dark Past

    A journalist was kind enough to ask James Hardie CEO Louis Gries whether he had watched the ABC doco Devils Dust at today’s results briefing. The title refers to the many deaths that have occurred due to peoples’ exposure to … Continue reading

  4. AMP – No Longer the Indians

    The front page photo of AMP’s chief executive wearing a full Indian warrior head dress, is indelibly printed in the minds of long suffering AMP shareholders. The photo shoot was the epitome of all that was wrong with the company. … Continue reading

  5. A Rose in Every Cheek

    Vegemite on the chinese breakfast table in the morning , and in the afternoon a cold VB beer in the hand of every drinking age chinese,  was the dream of many an Australian entrepreneur. Salty spent brewer’s yeast with colouring … Continue reading

  6. Downer – Waratahs back on track?

    Contractors certainly aren’t flavour of the month at the moment. There seems to be a growing trend of miners taking contract mining services in house, while generally becoming a lot more cost-conscious. This environment has made AGM season a lot … Continue reading

  7. Telstra goes WiFi

    Telstra had its Investor Day yesterday, which in the past has been dominated by the latest machinations of the NBN. With that issue largely put to bed (and in Telstra’s favour) the focus of this and the last few has … Continue reading

  8. Buru, NSE and the Shale revolution

    A quiet economic revolution is occurring the other side of Australia’s back stump. Potentially this revolution has, in years to come, the ability to rival revenues generated from traditional mining. An example of the potential wealth of oil shale and … Continue reading

  9. Fleetwood – From a Wave to a Ripple

    Fleetwood’s (FWD) Recreational Vehicle division has been a poor performer for a while now. There just aren’t enough grey nomads looking to upgrade their mobile homes in these austere times. But that hasn’t really mattered in the last few years … Continue reading

  10. Banks – Time to Rotate

    Markets like life revolve around timing. Sometimes the unreachable becomes reachable, the unattainable, attainable and the unavailable, available. Yes you can have patience and wait it out. But it is all about pulling the trigger. Our clarion call two weeks, … Continue reading