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  1. Ecosave and Usain – Both can gain.

    Ecosave, Kimber Capital’s latest IPO offer, came out of the starting blocks, on Tuesday, faster than Usain Bolt. As Norman May, the late legendary ABC Olympic sports broadcaster, would have called, Gold! Gold! Gold! . Watching the 11 am official … Continue reading

  2. The Power Of One

    Investors have kicked off the New Year in optimistic fashion. The ASX200 has put on more than 100 points since fireworks lit up the night’s sky and New Year’s resolutions were made. No doubt a few of you are stepping … Continue reading

  3. Ecosave (ECV) trades at $1.40 on day one, up 40%

    The Ecosave IPO which many Kimber Capital clients had the opportunity to participate in at $1.00, commenced trading today at $1.40.  Giving clients a fantastic 40% ‘paper’ profit on day one. The companys first half results are due in early … Continue reading

  4. Financial Future? Some tips for 2013

    It’s the beginning of 2013 and I love this time of year – When everyone sets their New Year’s Resolutions and there is an air of change and optimism. Heading into 2013, I thought it would be a good idea … Continue reading

  5. BURU and Christmas

    Christmas, does sometimes do strange things to markets and people.  The event itself is enough to make one look warmly at embracing atheism.  The draw back for atheists is they have no public holidays! Of strange events, was the 5% … Continue reading

  6. Retail Ruminations

    This week’s retail sales data suggested consumers were being as miserly and cautious as ever as the November spend limped forward. But the data preceded the Reserve Bank’s interest rate cut in December, so the Christmas splurge may have been … Continue reading

  7. Orica Charging Forth

    It’s a tough life for the analyst community. While everyone else is heading out to Christmas lunches, those analysts covering Orica (ORI) will be staying at their desk to tune into a surprise call with management. Well, a few might … Continue reading

  8. A Christmas Tale

    Twas the month before Christmas and all through the land Not a mortgage rate was moving, to give consumers a hand The Reserve Bank had moved its benchmark rate with care In the hope that soon the retail banks would … Continue reading

  9. TEN’s Turnaround?

    Sometimes it’s easy to be mesmerised by the extreme wealth that some people have, and to believe that everything they touch turns to gold. Often as not, they have great connections and can be invited to participate in ventures at … Continue reading

  10. Energy Action Lights Up

    Energy Action (EAX) floated in October last year at $1. The market at the time was going through one of its anxious patches, worrying about China, Europe, the US and probably the Mayan calendar coming to an end too. So … Continue reading