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  1. No Pie in the Sky – Sandfire Resources

    Kalgoorlie pie shops, like Jesters, have an unusual invasion this week. So do the local pubs and the town’s other “tourist” attractions. It is the annual Diggers and Dealers conference. Brokers, fund managers, mining company executives beat their chests, drink … Continue reading

  2. One For The Radar

    Campbell Brothers (soon to be called ALS) provided its usual earnings guidance at its AGM this week. The company expects a strong first half, followed by slower second half growth. Such commentary wouldn’t normally be viewed particularly negatively, but in … Continue reading

  3. A New Baddie In Town

    High debt levels is the new baddie in the frontier town called capitalism. Investor, judge, jury and executioner vigilantes are riding out of town any stock with a whiff of “badness” for a quick desert execution and burial. Investors pull … Continue reading

  4. Leighton – Under Construction

    Avoiding exposure to Leighton (LEI) has been a smart move so far this year. However has the stock become so disliked that the market is ignoring fundamental improvements in its outlook?  It does seem so.  Sure, Leighton has suffered some … Continue reading

  5. The Shelf War

    Australians it seems have a mighty thirst for ‘two buck chuck’. Alcohol sales for Woolworths was the sales category with the fastest growth for the company in the past 12 months. Total Australian food and alcohol sales were up 3.8% … Continue reading

  6. Did You Miss The Investors Expo?

    Kimber Capital attended a very successful Trading and Investing Seminars & Expo over the weekend. Chris Kimber was on the main stage for half an hour on both Friday and Saturday discussing whether now is the time to buy and … Continue reading

  7. Hot Hand At The Sands

    There is a very quiet game of poker being played where the stake is one of the world’s highest grade copper mines. At the table sit Australians, Canadians, Chinese and the Chileans – and nobody is blinking.  But once a … Continue reading

  8. Thermal coal swings and roundabouts

    Stock market lore holds that clients always remember their broker’s failures rather than successes. And so it is, our short term success rate is one out of two in following recent smart money moves. In the longer term,  I believe … Continue reading

  9. BHP’s Butterfly Effect

    One butterfly, somewhere in the Amazon jungle, fluttering its wings, can alter the course of nature and set off a whole new scenario. Can BHP then, singlehandedly, with one decision, alter the direction of the Australian share market? The answer … Continue reading

  10. FMG. Is the smart money right?

    Smart money. It sure as hell can tilt the odds in an investor’s favour. Particularly when smart money is more than a hundred million dollars. But following it is not always an instant stockmarket success. Forstecue Mining founder, chairman Andrew … Continue reading