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  1. Real returns through active management of your money

    A plethora of money managers can put together a portfolio of stocks from the ASX 200, tell you everything is splendid and safe and that you don’t have to worry. Then you are charged fees, both up front and ongoing. … Continue reading

  2. The Five Keys to financial well being

    The last five years have left investors battered and bruised, with a new era of volatility and a challenge to our “view of the world”.  What worked for the previous 15 years clearly was not going to deliver results in … Continue reading

  3. Smart investing: what we can learn from the past

    The father of modern political conservatism, Edmund Burke, viewed history as a great lesson teacher. “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it,” he opined. Mark Twain’s home spun philosophy may have more appeal than Burke’s cold logic. … Continue reading