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  1. Luck and good management? EML

    Gambling is entertainment. Financial markets, or what is called speculation, is really the force of capital being put to its best use. It’s where preparation meets opportunity. What some people call luck. And EML (ASX: EML) has put plenty of … Continue reading

  2. BHP Buyback

    Life is to be lived with excitement and anticipation. In the same way wonderful things happen, not so wonderful things can occur as well. BHP shareholders receiving their $USD10.4 billion off market buyback and special dividend will be excited by … Continue reading

  3. Holy Trinity – BHP, FMG and RIO

    The holy trinity of resources received another blessing, from Father Chris K, preaching this week from the Kimber Capital investment pulpit. BHP, FMG and RIO are all undervalued, he thundered. Chinese steel production has reached a run rate of almost … Continue reading

  4. Shriro – Gift horse or VIP dog food?

    When a stock has a profit downgrade a cardinal market rule is wait. Profit downgrades, it seems, nearly always come in threes. Buying stock after a second profit downgrade may be like looking a gift horse in the mouth but … Continue reading

  5. Wesfarmers – Was Coles worth it?

    The supermarket world was in turmoil when Wesfarmers ponied up $19.6 billion back in 2007 for the Coles Group of retail companies. More accurately, it was Coles that was in trouble while Woolworths was the clear number one operator by … Continue reading

  6. Bega Cheese – Happy Little Vegemites

    Your breakfast table might be deemed un-Australian without the yummy products from the good people at Bega Cheese, including the iconic Vegemite spread. The company’s name belies its ambition to be a strong staple food business beyond its dairying origins. … Continue reading

  7. REA – Housing Houdini

    Chicken Little is scuttling about proclaiming the Australian housing market party is finally over and the roof is about to cave in. To the contrary, REA Group, whose business seemingly depends entirely on the health of the residential property market, … Continue reading

  8. The Biggest Winner – Airlines vs Airports

    It’s a symbiotic relationship between airlines and airports but occasionally, the airlines try to depict it as predatory. After announcing a $1.6 billion profit before tax for the 2018 financial year, the largest in its history, Qantas is rallying its … Continue reading

  9. Nine’s Love Child

    For decades, Nine and Fairfax have been the meat and veg of Australian household news and information. But as Australians’ media diet has evolved into something a little more sophisticated, it is their progeny that will potentially spice things up … Continue reading

  10. Shriro – paying you to wait

    August is the month for civil uprisings, European beach holidays, and confessions, at home, of corporate half year reporting season. Alexander Dubček led the 1968 Prague Spring uprising, instigating liberal reforms or “socialism with a human face.”  And history students … Continue reading