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  1. JB Hi-Fi – Adele keeps the tills ringing

    There’s plenty of anticipation that JB Hi-Fi should be a major beneficiary from the demise of Dick Smith, but the company is so far downplaying that thinking.   While it’s logical to think that competitors will pick over the $1.3 … Continue reading

  2. REA Group – House that?

    Residential property investors in Australia have one thing in common – nearly all of them use the realestate.com.au website to advertise their property when selling or do their research when buying. That translates as a granite base for REA Group … Continue reading

  3. What Stocks Would C-3PO Buy?

    It occurred to me that the quirky characters in Star Wars were a metaphor for various investment types and the stocks each would buy. Being a protocol droid, C-3PO would likely be an analytic type that would take a conservative … Continue reading

  4. Woolworths – What a Mess

    From ‘grand poulet’ to pot boiler, the problems at Woolworths are tough to stomach as each new problem spoils the broth. For a long time, Woolworths seemed to have the Midas touch on everything retail, particularly the tricky art of … Continue reading

  5. TEN Gets Foxy

    TEN’s biggest hit this year was not The Bachelorette or The Biggest Loser, but the potentially game-changing addition of Foxtel as a new shareholder to the ranks. The past few years have seen a who’s-who of corporate cavaliers riding into … Continue reading

  6. Bruce, Apollo and The Gynge

    Staying tuned to the comings and goings in the media industry is harder than following the plot of Home and Away.   New Communications Minister Mitch Fifield is facing the same old issues of how and when to dismantle the … Continue reading

  7. Seek

    SEK’s FY15 result spooked the market leading to a spasm in the share price. Guidance for FY16 is below consensus and brokers will be quick to downgrade the next two year’s set of figures and probably valuations as well. But … Continue reading

  8. Echo aces Crown in Brisvegas

    To no-one’s astonishment, Echo Entertainment played its cards right and won the Queen’s Wharf Redevelopment Project in Brisbane and will move its headquarters to the city. Echo’s consortium win has effectively secured its monopoly on casino gaming in Queensland (avoiding … Continue reading

  9. Shriro

    Opportunities don’t happen, goes the business maxim. They are created. Watching the listing of the new IPO Shriro holdings, it reminded me of that, and one old share market rule – never buy an IPO which lists in June. Shriro … Continue reading

  10. Australia’s duopolies are breaking down.

    For many years, almost decades, Australians have endured a business environment where two was good company and three was a crowd. That was very good for profits but not for consumers.   As Woolworths CEO Grant O’Brien starts to pack … Continue reading