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  1. Year of the Underdog

    It has been a topsy-turvy year in 2016 with some quite unexpected outcomes, none more so than Donald Trump’s astonishing election win to become the 45th US President from next year. Here’s a potted, and by no means complete, timeline … Continue reading

  2. Dear Santa

    Dear Santa, My portfolio stocking is now hanging in anticipation of being filled with all manner of good stocks for 2017 and none of the stuff that’s bad for you and rots your wealth. At the top of my wish-list … Continue reading

  3. Trump Moves

    In a year of rank outsiders winning, Donald Trump’s Electoral College swamping of Hillary Clinton to become the 45th US President early next year tops everything. The portentous Brexit vote in June paled in comparison to the seismic shift in … Continue reading

  4. Telstra – Filling in the NBN hole

    The Conroy/Rudd table napkin plan for the National Broadband Network was hatched in early 2008, and it has taken since then for Telstra to devise a plan to refill the estimated $2-3 billion earnings hole created by the NBN. The … Continue reading

  5. Building Bridges

    Almost to the day back in 1989 as citizens began dismantling the Berlin Wall, America has voted in a new President that is vowing to build walls, not just with Mexico but trade barriers everywhere. But it is construction of … Continue reading

  6. The Trump Card

    He may be “uniquely unqualified to be US President” according to President Obama, but the Donald Trump effect is making things difficult for equity markets. Exhibit A – the plethora of earnings downgrades and profit warnings that have sprouted like … Continue reading

  7. TTS/TAH – Now Tatts what I call a premium

    After failing to agree on terms for a nil premium merger in November last year, it looks like Tatts Group has secured a much better outcome for its shareholders. For that reason, TTS shareholders should consider taking some of that … Continue reading

  8. LNK – ACCC gets it wrong

    Link Group’s specialty is the administration of large superannuation funds to provide a low cost service per member. Two years ago, it won the Superpartners business of five large industry superannuation funds for this very reason. With about 30% market share … Continue reading

  9. TPG Telecom – Teoh D’oh!

    In what might be declared David Teoh’s first mis-step in the TPG Telecom story, the market snipped $1.9 billion from the value of the company on the back of mediocre earnings growth guidance for the 2017 financial year. As with everything … Continue reading

  10. MYR and JBH – Who will get the rose?

    It seems the whole country has been transfixed this week on who Richie (The Bachelor) would give his final rose to – Nikki or Alex? Now that we know Alex was the lucky girl and Nikki was not, the repercussions over … Continue reading