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The team

"With the expert advice, unique perspective and extensive market experience of this team available every day, Kimber Capital is the one stop shop for your financial needs. From a safe and secure pair of hands for those who prefer a cautious and steadfast portfolio approach, through to those with the desire for greater risk and capital gain, I feel lucky to be able to work with this team and am happy to be able to offer their expertise for your benefit."
  1. Chris Kimber

    Managing Director. Investment Adviser Chris has been a stockbroker for almost 20 years and is an accomplished financial professional with extensive experience in the Australian market. After establishing an impressive track record at some of Australia’s most prestigious firms, such … Continue reading

  2. Kim Slater

    Portfolio Manager “I met Kim in my very first year of broking and watched him conduct many successful corporate transactions and trade the markets ebbs and flows with well developed skill. He is the perfect person to add opportunistic and … Continue reading

  3. Jackie O’Connor

    Adviser & Manager “A central figure within Kimber Capital, Jackie fulfils many key functions within the organisation – managing, advising as well as completing all trade executions for clients. Years of experience means Jackie is always on the ball.” Chris … Continue reading

    Jackie Kimber
  4. Chris Avis

    A Private Client Adviser with Goldman Sachs JBWere for six years and 3 years prior with HSBC Securities, Chris has extensive experience managing private client and institutional portfolios with a focus on portfolio construction and trading strategies. Bachelor of Economics … Continue reading

  5. Alex Woog

    A Private Client Adviser with Goldman Sachs JBWere for six years, Alex has significant experience managing diversified portfolios for retail and institutional clients. Alex also specialises in executing derivative strategies which are used to generate portfolio income. Bachelor of Business/Land … Continue reading