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Chris Kimber

Managing Director. Investment Adviser

Chris has been a stockbroker for almost 20 years and is an accomplished financial professional with extensive experience in the Australian market.

After establishing an impressive track record at some of Australia’s most prestigious firms, such as JB Were and Bell Potter Securities as a senior broker and an equity partner, Chris knew he could do more for his clients.

In early 2011, Chris set up the Wealth Management division of Fat Prophets, constructing the business from the ground up to provide a strong base for expansion.

In June 2012, Chris decided a more direct and personal business would benefit his client base, realising he could form a comprehensive offering with a number of key colleagues whose expertise, when combined, formed a powerful product. Kimber Capital was the result.

Chris’ experience and consistent ability to drive financial outcomes through both robust and challenging market conditions has seen his client base remain firm and successful over many years, and his commentary and profile grow across the Australian financial media.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Economics majoring in Finance, from the University of NSW.

Chris has been happily married to his wife Jessica for almost as long as he has been a stockbroker, and they have three beautiful children.


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