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Kimber Capital - Wealth Management

Our Services

Welcome to Kimber Capital, I’m Chris Kimber, the Managing Director.

Over the years I’ve met many talented and hard working people, excelling in different roles at different firms. Unfortunately they never all seemed to congregate in the same place at the same time. I’ve always wanted to get these people working together, so that we can offer clients the best of the best, from just one firm.

At Kimber Capital we are proud to offer you what we believe is the “Wealth Management” service you have been looking for. We want to protect the capital that you have worked so hard to accumulate, and manage it through our daily attention, care and ongoing relationship with you. We want to grow it by utilising our broad reach of contacts and information sources, and to keep our finger on the pulse and constantly generate the best ideas for the best outcomes for you.

We offer the following services:

Managed Accounts.

Would you like us to help manage your money? Whether you want to discuss each investment or leave it all up to us, and go sail the Pacific, we can help you.

If you would prefer to let our trusted and experienced team handle your investments, our Actively Managed accounts may be the right solution for you. You will have the portfolio managed on your behalf by our team according to an agreed strategy. So you can leave the day-to-day decisions to us, ensuring that you will not miss out on investment opportunities if you are traveling or just very busy.

All of our investment decisions are personalized. Your portfolio is constructed and managed with consideration of your own circumstances and objectives. We do not have a one size fits all approach, we gradually build your portfolio as opportunities arise.

If you do wish to maintain a more hands on relationship, our Individually Managed Accounts may be the better solution for you, so we can certainly discuss which option would work best for you.

All of our clients can benefit from the reduced administration and excellent Tax Reporting  our Managed Accounts offer.  Of course you will have full transparency, with 24hr online access and will retain beneficial ownership of your investments.

We want to make sure we have sufficient time to look after all our clients, so we do have some minimum portfolio sizes, but please get in contact so that we can discuss

Portfolio Styles

Australian Growth Portfolio

The objective of our Australian Growth Portfolio is to provide capital growth over the medium to long term by investing in a diversified portfolio of Australian shares, with a strong emphasis on growth assets. Investors will receive some income, generally in the form of franked dividends.

The portfolio will comprise a range of companies listed (or soon to be listed) on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

As such, the Australian Growth Portfolio is suited to those:

  • wanting a concentrated portfolio of listed Australian shares, with a focus on growth oriented shares
  • seeking high capital growth plus some dividend income
  • comfortable with the higher levels of volatility associated with growth shares

Australian Income Portfolio

The objective of our Australian Income Portfolio is to provide a portfolio for investors who want a high level of income return and a conservative approach, whilst still offering potential for long term capital growth.

The portfolio will comprise a range of ASX listed companies and may also include ASX listed “Hybrid” Securities.

The Australian Income Portfolio is suited to those:

  • wanting a portfolio of listed Australian securities, with a focus on income generating investments.
  • Seeking high income, with some potential for capital growth
  • Wanting capital preservation, uncomfortable with excessive volatility


Sophisticated Clients

Are you looking to be involved in our Corporate Deals only?

If you are a “Sophisticated” or “Wholesale” investor under the Corporations Act, and would like to be added to our contact list to be notified about upcoming IPO’s or placements, please contact us



Clarity Superannuation Solutions specialises in the administration of SMSF’s for private individuals. The parent company Financial Clarity has over 16 years experience advising on SMSF’s.   Clarity Super Solutions combine SMSF experience and know how with “smart IT” solutions to streamline the administration process for individuals and SMSF trustees.

Our annual compliance service offers the following package;

  • Weekly administration processing
  • Investment transaction reporting
  • Income and expense recording
  • Capital gains tax maintenance
  • Income tax reconciliation
  • Member account balance maintenance
  • Contribution and Pension reporting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Income tax preparation and lodgement
  • 24/7 online portfolio reporting
  • Full mailing house service

On a fee for service basis we offer:

New fund trust deed establishment or upgrade
Special purpose corporate trustee
Pension commencements and commutations
BAS or IAS preparation
Hi level technical consulting

We can also facilitate Independent audits and actuarial certificates where required, both at prices of around half “the market”.

Please find our Financial Services Guide here.